Last Updated: October 5th, 2022

Welcome to Port3, owned and operated by Port3 Network (“Port3,” “we,” “us”, or “our”). These Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern your access to and use of the Port3 website(s), our APIs, mobile app (the “App”), and any other software, tools, features, or functionalities provided on or in connection with our services; including without limitation using our services to view, explore, interact, and create campaigns, earn rewards for completing tasks using our software, tools, features or functionalities and use our tools, at your own discretion, to connect directly with others to transfer tokens on public blockchains (collectively, the “Service”).

By accessing or using our Site (or any of our Site Services), listing your event on our Site, downloading our App, or signing up for any of our services or products in any way, you hereby accept these Website Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy as well as any other terms of service (including rules and guidelines) that may be implemented from time to time in relation to our Site (collectively, the "Agreement").

Port3 reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend any provision of the Agreement (including this Terms of Use) at any time in our sole discretion without any prior notice to you, and you agree that it is your responsibility to check for the updated terms of the Agreement on our Website regularly. In any event, by continuing to use any aspect of our Site and/or any of our Site Services you will be deemed to have accepted all amendments to the Agreement as may be implemented by Port3 from time to time. If you do not wish to be bound by the Agreement, do not use any aspect of the Site or Site Services, and cease all access to and use of our Site, our Site Services, our products, and services immediately.

1. Legal Capacity & Access

1.1 By accessing our Site and continuing to access our Site and/or Site Services, you represent that you are above 18 years of age, and legally capable of entering into and being bound by contracts, including but not limited to the Agreement.

1.2 In the event that you are accessing our Site and/or Site Services on behalf of any incorporation, partnership, association, organization, or any other entity type (“Entity”), your continued access to our Site and/or Site Services shall constitute your representation to us that you have been duly authorized by such Entity to use our Site and our Site Services, perform any transactions or activities thereon, and to therefore binding your Entity to the Agreement and to any such transactions or activities that you have performed. Accordingly, when the term “you” is used herein this Website Terms of Use, “you” shall refer not only to you the actual user as an individual, but also to the Entity that you are representing, and therefore both you and the Entity are jointly and severally bound under the Agreement. Accordingly, you also hereby undertake that the Entity which you represent is capable of and agreeable to being bound by the Agreement.

1.3 In the event that you submit a form or query to us, or you register with us an account (whether in your personal capacity or on behalf of the Entity that you represent), you undertake to ensure that all information you provide to our Company thereto registration is accurate and updated, and will promptly notify us in the event of any changes to such information.

1.4 In the event that you register an account with us, you are fully responsible for ensuring that your account login and passwords are kept strictly confidential and secure, as all activities conducted via your account shall be deemed as all acts duly performed and/or authorized by you without the requirement for any further verifications on our part. Should you become aware of any security breaches or unauthorized access to your account, you must notify our Company immediately. Nonetheless, you agree that you will be fully responsible for all acts and transactions (including but not limited to postings, and usage of any of our Site Services) that take place via your account prior to your aforesaid notification of security breach to us, and you undertake to honor and see to completion all such acts and transactions that has happened under your account (regardless of whether you have specifically authorized such acts or transactions).

1.5 Should you (whether directly by yourself or indirectly via your request to us) upload, post, publish, or transmit any information on or via our Site, or you communicate with any other users of our Site, you agree to be fully responsible for all such posts and communications. Accordingly, you undertake to only use the Site in a legal and considerate manner, not to misuse or abuse the Site or its other users, including but not limited to not causing any defamation, harassment, sedition, collecting data of other users for your own purposes, and introducing virus, trojans or hacks. In the event that you misuse or abuse the Site, we shall be fully entitled to suspend or ban your account, and/or remove your information from our Site without any prior notice or liability to you. Nonetheless, you agree that we shall not be howsoever liable for any posts or communications by third parties that offend you, although we will sincerely look into any complaints in relation to such posts or communications that you communicate to us of in writing.

2. Updates & Modifications

2.1 You agree that it is your responsibility to regularly check our Website Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy to keep yourself updated of any changes or modifications.

2.2 You agree that the terms of our Agreement may be amended, modified, varied or revised from time to time without any prior notice to you, and your continued use of our Site and/or Site Services following any such changes constitutes your agreement to be fully bound by our amended terms. The date that appears at the commencement of each relevant terms and condition constitutes the latest version of such terms and conditions that is in force and binding on you as part of the Agreement.

2.3 You agree that we are entitled to howsoever modify, vary, expand, suspend, interrupt, terminate, cancel or discontinue any services or products or accessibility to any feature or part of our Site and/or Site Services at any time in our sole discretion without any prior notice or liability to you, even if you have a registered account with us.

2.4 Certain of our Site Services incorporate or require the use of third-party products and services. Therefore your use of such third-party products and services will be subject to the respective third party’s terms and conditions and privacy policies, which you agree is your responsibility to regularly review from time to time to determine their acceptability to you before you use such third-party products and services. For the avoidance of doubt, all coin, token or digital currency swap and exchange functions found on or linked to the Website are provided “as is” received from third parties, and are not the products of Port3, as Port3 does not process such swaps or exchanges, nor is Port3 custodian to any form of e-money, stored value, digital coins or tokens.

3. Our Site Content

(A) General

3.1 No information, write-ups, listings, prices, events, ICO data, photographs, pictures, graphs, charts, articles, news updates, budgets, forecasts, token swap market values, project information, testimonials, status, team information of any company, advertisements, data, analysis, reports, media files, APIs, loyalty rewards write-ups, and other content on our Site (collectively, “Site Content”), or our newsletters, EDMs, marketing materials, promotional updates, API updates, support patches, messages (via any channels), or other emails (collectively, "Updates") which you may have viewed, subscribed to or downloaded via our Site or Site Services, constitutes advice of any kind, including but not limited to financial advice, trading advice, investment advice, insurance advice, legal advice or any other form of advice for which a license to provide such advice may be required under applicable law. “Site Content” and “Updates” shall collectively be referred to as “Content”.

3.2 The content on our Site and Updates are meant to provide information regarding our Company, our products, our services, our loyalty points scheme, our APIs, our applications, prices or market value of cryptocurrencies, tokens, coins, rankings, trade volume data, new ICOs, new coin launches, and other information related to digital currency. The aforesaid information constitutes general knowledge only, and is not meant for any reliance howsoever for any purpose of any kind whatsoever by any Entity or individual. You are therefore strongly advised to procure your own checks and professional advice before you decide to make any trade, investments, or swaps as no Content constitutes any trading or investment advice or guarantees of any kind (including but not limited to guarantees on gains/benefits/returns). For the avoidance of doubt, our Company makes available the Content and third-party products on our Site based on information and/or products (such as token swap functionalities) procured from third-party sources. Even though such third parties may have agreed or declared that all information and products that they provide will be correct and/or secure, and our Company has done its reasonable checks as may be commercially practicable before uploading such Content and products onto our Site, our Company is not able to provide any warranties thereon.

3.3 Our Site Services include, without limitation, our Port3 API which as of now is available for use without any charges, subject to compliance with our API Terms of Service, and third-party provided services/products such as token swaps and identification protection. Such third-party provided services are subject to the terms and conditions of the third-party service providers. We make no direct or indirect warranties of any kind, express or implied, in relation to our Site Services (including but not limited to the Port3 API and third-party provided functionalities), and you are therefore strongly encouraged to conduct your own checks, verifications, consult your advisors and satisfy yourself of the suitability of our Site Services as well as the acceptability (to you) of the terms and conditions of the respective third-party service providers whose services/products are made available or referenced to on our Site before you use any such Site Services. All use of our Site Services (including third-party provided services/products) is at your sole risk and discretion.